Moo FAQ's

1. Who is the distributor, marketer and wholesaler for Moo! Milk products?
The Moo! brand is owned, marketed and distributed by Hand Arnold Trinidad Limited.

2. Where is Moo! Milk made?
Moo! Milk is made from fresh cows’ milk produced in Germany. We source only the best cows’ milk for our products. Moo! Milks are then distributed, marketed and exported by Hand Arnold Trinidad Limited.

3. Where can I buy Moo! Milk?
You can buy Moo! Milk in all supermarkets and food retailers nationwide.

4. What makes Moo! Milk Products different?
Moo! Milk products are always made from 100% fresh cow’s milk, never milk powder like many other UHT milks on the local market. That’s our promise to you. Reconstituted milk is produced by mixing milk powder with water. Moo! uses only fresh, liquid milk that is homogenized and ultra heat treated to increase shelf life. This makes for a more natural tasting product.

5. What is the difference between ‘filled’ and ‘non-filled’ milk?
Some evaporated milk products sold in Trinidad & Tobago must legally label themselves as ‘filled milk’. This means that vegetable oil has been added as a ‘filler’ to replace the natural fat found in milk. Moo! Evaporated Milk is made with 100% fresh cows’ milk and never filled with vegetable oil. It maintains a rich creamy texture and tatse that can only come from real milk fat.

6. Are the cows grass fed?
Our farmers raise the cows in pastures and in barns during the winter months.
The majority of our cows, whether pasture or barn raised are grass or hay fed.

7. Under what conditions are the cows are kept?
All of our farmers keep their cows according to the needs of thier species taking into consideration issues like well-being, health and animal handling. In order to ensure high quality standards, our producers consistently do quality audits on every farm to ensure the ethical treatment and well-being of the cows.

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